What you need to learn in Project Management from Software Engineer?

You not always got some easy rope for success; you must face some abrasive, difficult disposition during to attain your goal. Apple is the worldwide leading technology set example for project manager about how to accomplished goal, way to communicate their employees and train them and how work done according to pre-schedule.

Scheduling Vs Re-Scheduling

Delay projects tasks and regularly change request in any existing plan create ambiguities in the mind of team members. As a manager you must to do something for push your employees in a comfort zone and prepared for uncertain challenges. Avoid regular meeting should focus on tasks achievement.

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Don’t Just Listen – Understand

Its human nature or defect in our memory, if you get recently seminars about any learning of up to 5 to 6 hour than it’s possible to only get some tips on it. Peoples listen more than understanding term. So don’t make this regular habit, you have to be move forward than simple behavior.

There is nothing easy in project management, you have to change according to changing technologies and find some unique ways to achieve targets.

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