Visitor Gate Pass Format {Entry Slip}

If you are focused towards adopting gate pass for your organization and company you are at right platform due to availability of visitor’s passes in various formats here. Sample gate pass and gate pass slips are also downloaded from this webpage. Have you ever try to think for a moment why gate pass are sued in companies and in schools? It is mainly due to the security reasons. Security measures are always focused in companies to prevent trouble and chaos problems.

Gate passes are also used in parties to ensure the person having the pass is invited in the party. Once the person is having the gate pass to enter the premises of company it is secure as purpose of visiting is mentioned on the pass as well as details of the visitor.

Format of Visitor Gate Pass

  • Company Details: – company name, logo, address and website are usually mentioned on the gate pass.
  • Visitor Information: – basic information of the person visiting the office like his name, company where he is employed and picture is added on the gate pass.
  • Pass Details:- other details mentioned on the pass is basically the purpose of visiting, average time set for meeting, pass number and time is showed up.

Due to increase in number of crimes different strict measures are taken by companies to ensure safety of their office building and their employees therefore gate pass is one of another safety measure. It is functional for the business preventing it from loss and other trouble situations causing loss to business.

Gate Pass Format for Goods

Goods are passed in and out of business stores on regular or weekly basis therefore gate pass is hold by driver before entering the store so that details of goods carry by the specific truck or wagon is mentioned in the gate pass. To help you out we are adding different visitor gate passes for you.

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