Using SharePoint 2010 as a Web-Based Tool

SharePoint 2010 is multipurpose enterprise frame work developed by Microsoft for project management. Specially customize SharePoint Templates are therefore devised for general purpose management of various tasks and segments of projects in the organizations.

There are numerous features and add-ons in this web based application in which, content sharing, document sharing, information and communication can be conducted with multiple team members working at a corporation, using intranet portals, which provide a common and centralized platform to share their work.

It is quite featured and optional whereas back in 2001, when it was first launched, it just had limited options to work on, creating a back drop for company employees. It has multiple tools to create documents, customize them, share them with other regions of organization and MS Office suit type interface makes it much easier for user to operate and perform different tasks on it. With handy and accessible feature list, SharePoint is one of the commonly used applications at most organizations especially from a claim of Microsoft; it is dominant in 75% of fortune 500 companies in the world.

SharePoint 2010 Magnificent Project Management Template

With extra ordinary and brilliant idea of developing a platform where all the activities can be done off the net, it holds magnificent working capabilities. It has number of such features which can support and provide easy access to all the company employees and even external parties to inculcate within learned perspective of working.

Sharepoint Template


Sharing mutual information and developing strong communication is the first and typical requirement of project management  sharepoint template which helps in collecting all the required information to work. Below here some of the salient features of this application;

1- Intranet Portal

This feature provides a common working base, where centralized information held and every employee of the company can engaged with desired team member for work portfolio and communicating the work.

2- Extranet Portals

These extranet portals are specially provided to people outside from organization to get engaged to organization for updated and informed values such as supply chain flagships and many other

3- Content Management Across the Organization

A salient feature which helps in providing easy way to share documents and working content for enterprise working. All the work done on share Point has toppled tracking versions which can be retrieved and search out easily.

4- Insight and High Profile

This feature brings updated information from any part of organization, granted easy access to employees to search for desired knowledge regarding work

Having a glance at displaying charts in SharePoint wheel can accumulatively make you understand the purpose of its development, and how it helps in organization work.

SharePoint 2010 Templates

Since we explained earlier that Share Point is based on so many extensive features, therefore right while in need of performing any task regarding project management on it, one might need tutorials and excel templates which helps in easy framework designing and preparing a customize note to work.

These templates are widely available on INTERNET and one can download them according to choice, liquidating numerous benefits from it.

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