Transportation Quotation Format

Transportation quotation format template is use for the costing or pricing information of dispatching a good by using a transport. Printable format is available in Word/Excel format. It may be prepare on the demand of the customer. Customers who wants to transport passengers or may be goods from one place to another.

Pricing is different as per the customer’s specifications as well as it also depends on the (weight, size, type of transport, distance) of the station. Before download, it’s very important to understand why professional quotation is important for business? Therefore, the transport service company makes a quotation on the request of the customers. So, that they can easily tell their customers about the costing of the transport.

Transportation Quotation Format word (How to use?)

There are three types of information included in the template of transport quotation. You must enter all three types of to fill it.

Transport Quotation Format

  1. Transporter’s Information
  2. Quotations Information

Places, Zones, Distance information.
Firstly, you must write or enter the name of the services agency on the form. Secondly, you must enter the transporter’s Information.

Computer Repair Quotation Template Excel

Transportation Information:

  • Name: full name of the representative must be mentioned.
  • Contact Sources:

Address must be mentioned

  • Email I.D:
  • Number:
  • Type of Vehicle: which type of vehicle be use for the dispatch
  • Vehicle’s Number: what is the registration number of the vehicle must be mentioned here.

Afterwards, you must fill the

Quotation introduction section:

  • Quotation number: Tender or Request number
  • Quotation for the transportation of: Mention here the items the customer wants to dispatch.
  • Dispatching Source: Name of the station must be mentioned in the row.
  • Destination station: the target stop where the Goods Are Dispatched.
  • Places, Zones, Distance information

In the End, you must provide the details about the following:

  1. Zones: Mention the zone from where to dispatch the goods.
  2. Places: Which places are covered in the zone mention that all places here.
  3. Approximate distance (in kilo-meters): Projected distance from the zone to the destination
  4. Quoted prices (in dollars): (per kilo meters or per ton weight)

Finally, transporter’s signature must be mention on the transportation quotation format word and send it to the customer for approval.

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