Top Project Management Trends Regarding Software, Templates

You are living in a entirely different scenario, now it’s a time to reveal some hidden tricks from inside and force your mind to do something unique and positive. These Microsoft project templates like Excel, PowerPoint and MS word being used by project manager over the years; everyday you experience some modern technology in a widely perspective under dark shadow of competitors.

I recently add a category in ProjectManagerClub.co.uk for guidance project managers regarding excel project templates.

Now it’s a time to examine yourself regarding technological tend 2014, I recently review some Web-based project management excel tool from ZOHO and other Popular site like TrainingAble, I were stun after getting trial period. These techniques come in my mind during writing a post, like online meeting and manage project and compatible to latest technological versions.

Excel Project ManagementTemplates

Drawbacks of Excel Templates

There is no disadvantage of using this, just sometime if you directly working on it without understanding the core concept and Excel fundamentals than you can’t add your innovation in it. You have to be more specific in terms of learning tricks and present your project in professional manner.

Construction or Work breakdown structure templates is being more used by IT manager for construct their project in a pieces for more efficient on their output.

This software is designs for project manager, with some tracking and dashboard additional features. Now Mostly companies prefer to manage their system on Excel 2013 compatible with other ERP and SAP system.

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