Segregation of Duties Matrix Template Excel

Looking for segregation of duties matrix template in excel? Let’s help you out in maintain accountancy template.

Internal controls are maintain in companies not only to have balance in the operations, in fact for better accounting procedure as well. Safeguarding your company premises is now much easier through electronic templates design and now given preference over manual records. Due to its functionality and efficiency in specific operation and therefore segregation of duties matrix template excel is designed for the same purpose.

Any frauds carried out in the place usually require collision of multiple persons, which can now be avoided.

Duties issues may result in fraud or other activities in your workplace, which are not like by the managers and the top management. This can be avoid through maintaining strict internal control and through using this professionally designed, user friendly excel sheet.

Segregation of Duties Matrix Template Excel Features

Designing your own template can be time taking, however this is ready to use spreadsheet with following features:

Segregation of Duties Matrix Template

Easy to determine key segregation of duties

  • Each department and specific employee can be track down anytime, that whether he is performing duty assigned to him or not.
  • Revenue and account receivable functions can be carried out efficiently.
  • Preparing customer order, approving credit, preparing customer invoice and authorization of amounts can be carried out by each person according to the duties.

It can be share with anyone.

  • A recruiter manager or project manager may require to share the information with the team members or someone outside the team, easily through this spreadsheet.
  • Can be taken in printable form if required.

Segregation of Duties Checklist

Another function which can be implement to prevent fraud or other activities in your company is using checklist for the functions. Once the duties are assign, keep track of them and the responsible person and check out the tasks on the targeted date assigned to him.

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