Security Gate Pass Format Using Excel

There are no standard instructions regarding the security gate pass format but every company can has its own pass format. Understanding the basic purpose can help you devising some useful layout. Its main purpose is to record the identity and purpose of visit of any visitor coming out of staff or regular employees.

In case any security personal or concerned department inquires the existence of an unfamiliar person in the official premises, showing a gate pass format excel help them know precise why you are inside the building. Here are a couple of salient features regarding its format listed below here;

Format Of Security Gate Pass

  • Write the name of your organization or company on the main title position
  • Write the name of visitor, his contact number and Identity card number
  • Completing the step of identification, write the purpose of visit and concerned person or department to be visited
  • Then write the time of entry and also write the time of meeting if allotted earlier
  • If a vehicle is along, also write its registration number and loading details
  • Lastly write the signature of a person supervising this process and recording the entries of visitors

These are few basic features and they can vary as per the requirement of process.

Gate Pass Template Format

Word , Excel Pass Templates

Visitor entry can be frequent and resultantly it might become difficult to write individual pass by hand. Using Word pass templates, you can immediate role on the information and generate this pass. There remains to no need to make long queues of visitors infect you can rapidly insert their information in a templates readily available. Instead of writing the pass from scratch, simply alter their details, name and other information and you get the update pass.

These templates are so helpful in reducing the time of operations, managing record in more precise and accurate form, shortening the duration of task and burdening off human mind from ordinary documentation.

Get Best Gate Pass Template Format

In case you don’t have an idea about how to create this pass, you can find hundreds of free sample security gate pass templates online to know the best gate pass template format. You can also acquire online customize templates using the services of expert template designers.    

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