Sample of Salary Slip in Excel Format

Looking for Salary Slip format in excel and word format? Here we uploaded some simple to professional employees salary slip template and payroll software for easy management. This is very important for employees financial record and other company expense management.

There are tons of activities a finance account have to be kept in mind, like business capital budget, credit and debt, beside this as an manager you have to be create some future oriented strategies for proforma plan, and other tool. So manager don’t have much time to create particular format like this, payment or cash voucher slip for record each and every thing. In this post download this in various format like Microsoft excel and word and design your project management activities in a better way.

Salary Slip Template

Every company must create professional looking layout for showing their professionalism. Salary means employees render their services in term of money at the end of the month.

Mostly organizations hire expert staff for this job. Before creating templates some things need to be considered like company “Branding” must be keep in eyes of designer who has responsibility to create this. These payslip or salary slip samples need companies accountant for keeping record and other activities regarding employees or other project manager.

Useful Salary Slip Format in Excel or Word?

Some companies use word format, but mostly agree with excel format. But the question is why this slip needs to be created?

  • Employees doesn’t want Hand Carry Cash (if amount is big)
  • Show company worth and professionalism
  • Easy manage and record of every employees regarding their bonuses, advance payment, credit and other issues
  • Easy manage department and company expense and budget spreadsheet
  • Easy to show figure at the end of the month to companies

Salary Slip Format

Download Salary Slip Samples

Simple get it and Salary Slip Templates, ProjectManagerClub provides you free editable simple or color templates.

So it’s all about advantages of salary slip, without this trick you can’t manage accounts in well-manner. It’s accountant responsibility to select particular record and change according to requirements.

Example in Various Formats

Here below you can found format of this in various categorized type, there are two main type usually use in very high rich. Every company wants to be No 1, so using these template you can easily edit and add your company logo in it.

Banking Sector

Click on image for getting template regarding banking sectors, with the difference of color you can utilize this in other business category.




Employees Format in Word

staff salary statement Excel
These specifically design template for company’s staff. You can easily download this for setting employees salary statement monthly basis with deducting some cost according to different company’s policies.


Salary Slip in Various Formats

Make sure you must installed Excel 2007 for download these formats, you can also convert into PDF and other Docs format after awhile. There are some to do list must include in this slip like Employee ID, Department, Date of joining, Days worked, Bank Account and Cheque No, Total leave or hourly work. There are some other allowance and due payment must include in this format.

Printable Salary Sheet (How to Create) Manually

These are editable templates been used for many years, make sure you have download WINRAR file to extract this file or Microsoft office 2007 for compatibility. Bank Accountant or other Companies Admin need these kind of payslip templates for professionally manage companies financial record and other details for budget/expense and other profit loss statement used in business planning.

Stay connect with us for more getting Salary Slip format in many other flexible tools and software for project management.

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