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Attorney is those professional people who have to deal with legal troubles experienced by businesses and personal individuals. Attorney activity logs are therefore prepared effectively and updated regularly for efficient usage of time. These templates are prepared in electronic media in Microsoft project.

Imagine yourself as a lawyer and imagine burden of work from different clients. To ensure reduction of stress as well as using effective use of energy time management is necessary. Time management ensures self directed individual and achieving targets on time.

Purpose of Attorney Activity Log Template

  • It shows the activities of person during a day.
  • A person can track his own activities.
  • It helps in person becoming more disciplined and organized.
  • He can consider allocating of time in a manner which is most effective for him.
  • It shows the time of day and person activities’ at that time.
  • If a person views his activity log for various days he can take a picture of his own time allocating.
  • It is beneficial as person can track where he is wasting time without any advantage.
  • He can therefore use his time preciously.
  • Wastage of small amount of time becomes large at the end of day.
  • He can adopt more useful activities in time which is of no use.

Attorney Activity Log Template

Format of Activity Log Templates

These are preferred by attorneys to make efficient use of time. It shows the time allocation of any specific day by looking at activity log of that specific date.

A basic template for this purpose consists of activities performed by person during a day as well as starting time and finishing time of these activities. Person later on can view how much time is being spent on each particular activity. Comments column is also there where any notes and description related to activity can be noted.

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