Sample Auto Invoice Template in Excel Format

Auto Invoice Templates are used for recording the details of either repair or sale of autos. These invoices serve as authenticated record of sale or repair of autos. For your information, here are a few details which an Auto Invoice usually has:

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Features of an Auto Invoice Template

  1. It contains a very brief description of repair or sale activity.
  2. The price the auto is mentioned for if the auto is sold to a customer. On the other hand, the charges of repair are included on it if an auto is undergone through maintenance.
  3. The date of repair or sale is also necessary to be mentioned.
  4. The official stamp or logo of the auto company is also included on it.
  5. Generally, it contains the name or signatures of the technician who has overhauled the auto or who has received the maintenance fee from the customer.
  6. The phone number, complete address, postal box, etc. of the seller are included on it. Moreover, the phone number and address of the customer is also taken on it.
  7. If the customer has ordered the auto from a distant place and the auto has to be shipped in to the customer then, the cost of shipping in is also recorded in it and the customer has to pay it with the price of the auto.
  8. Discounts are also mentioned if there are offered to the customer.
  9. This invoice template is usually in the format of MS Excel and is customizable. You can download a sample of it from the internet from different websites for free and can customize its design as per the preference of your company to send it to your customers who order you for auto overhauls.

Auto Invoice Template

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