Sample Auto Repair Invoice Template Excel

This invoice template contains the record of repairs of a product or service. It is usually found in every repair house or workshop and is employed by the technicians for recording the details servicing related to repairing.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

A repair invoice entails the description of repair or maintenance of a product or service. The type or category of repair is also mentioned. It mentions the amount of fee that is charged to the service recipients for maintenance of their product. The date of maintenance is also mentioned accordingly. The total fee is particularly mentioned at the bottom of the invoice. In case of discounts offered by the service provider, the percentage or amount of discount is mentioned as well as it is subtracted from the total charges of maintenance, and this remaining amount is paid by the service recipient.

Samples of Repair Invoice Templates

You can find some sample Repair Invoices on internet. Many templates are also available for free to download on multiple websites. The samples are usually free and you can use them once you have downloaded from its owner website as per the terms and conditions of that respective website. You can also change its design as these templates are readily customizable. You can place the logo of your company on it as well as can mention the name of your own company for fully using it, if you have successfully downloaded it from a particular website and have got the authentication to use it freely. These are templates easily printable so that you can also keep them in hard copy form with you.

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Importance of Repair Invoice

It has a lot of importance as it acts as an authenticated record of payment of maintenance charges. The customers, who order maintenance for their certain product or who acquire the repair services for a technician, keep this invoice with them so as to show it to the technician or maintenance company if that company asks for payment of maintenance charges for it is possible that they may forget that a customer has paid to them or not for a certain service.

The maintenance companies can also keep track of their service deliveranceto their customers. If a particular customer complains them that they had not undertaken his/her request for repair, the company can show him/her the Invoice for their work for ascertaining its previous compliance to his/her order. Many workshops and automobile repairing companies use this technique to track their services which they have provided to their customers.

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