Rent Receipt Template in Word and Excel

Looking for useful Microsoft template for daily base tasks? There are many folk around looking house, factory, shop, restaurant and other land rent receipt, so these templates in word helping out in such work. Mostly financial manager use these tool for managing their rental statement which further used in cash flow statement, financial planning or other expense budget and profit loss statement creation.

Here are some essential point need to be consider before prepare this sheet manually, although these templates are professionally editable with adding some different color layout scheme. Review Cash Receipt Template for further understanding about it.

Rent Receipt Template in Word

You must have all record and access of company financial database before creating this document, you must also understand spreadsheet features for online saving data either in excel or word format. These editable formats of rental receipt allows you to remember some technical terms like received from, rental address, for the period (Monthly basis) and payment Amount in US dollars.


To do list Rental Receipt Template

Here are some To do list project management templates need to review before creating these layout in professional manner.

  • Company Logo and Tag Line
  • Received From
  • Rental Address
  • For the Period of time
  • Payment Amount
  • Received By
  • Memo
  • Signature

Here are some essential points need to be consider for making company expense statement, don’t need in preparing household budget.

  • Landlord/Agent Name
  • Balance Due in Dollars
  • Mode of Payment (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

Checklist in Rent Receipt format in Word

For getting more than one copy, you just need to copy multiple layers and insert command to printer particular No, you can also paste in word and print 3 images and after cut accordingly. Another advantage of these templates that these are printable and directly editable also, so make some changing in it like inserting values and gets carbon copies of it.

Some wording are printable and some you can insert after print, like signature by authority person will be conduct after print of these rent word template. It’s a tool required in project management documentation creation or business expense budget summarized detail. Some other business niche like inventory or restaurant you must modify these template according to other external factors.

Types of Rental Receipt

Review some common type according to different of business and nature of project, a little bit changes required by nature of business in it.

Donation Receipt

With the addition of tax-deductible charitable contributions, this type of format slightly differs from other regular one, Company name, mode of payment is mandatory in it for saving record. Review before making charity receipt document.

Make sure about term “Balance Due” for further adding in next month of weekly base and mark this with differ in color for remember last Rent Receipt Template in Word.

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