Recalling the Large Scale Devastation by the 2005 EarthQuake

ISLAMABAD, Oct 7: Recalling the large-scale devastation caused by the 2005 earthquake in the country, President Mamnoon Hussain asked the government on Monday to improve the disaster management system to protect lives and property of people from natural calamities.

News from Islamabad informed that the President Mamnoon Hussain has ordered for implementing a better Disaster Management Plan. He said this in a message on the National Disaster Management Day that is, on October 08. On this day, a massive earthquake hit Muzaffarabad and other nearby northern areas of Pakistan.

Earthquake Management

The earthquake resulted in a serious number of deaths. Huge materials as well as physical losses were caused by this horrible earthquake on this day. The President said that the nation should be conscious of the risks involved in climate change. The Government would also overlook such risks and would use adequate plans in case of sudden disaster or calamity. Having an effective disaster management plan would avert the losses resulted due to such calamities.

The President said that that day will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan as the people of Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa suffered huge losses of lives and property on this day. He further added that the Pakistanis showed great harmony by standing with the people of Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

The nation supported the victims of earthquake with harmony and courage. All the Pakistanis helped their brothers and sister who were affected by the earthquake. Similar situation has occurred in Baluchistan now due the recent earthquake there.

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