Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

So first of understand about project portfolio management, than comes to the dashboard tracking excel templates of project management, How project manager used this templates? You can manage each and every little activity relates to finance, status of current or previous projects, completed to near completion project. Companies hire some consultant to overview organization currently status via portfolio, so these kind of Microsoft tool helps a lot regarding managed these all.

Some manager been used this dashboard as an tracking tool, for keep eye on every single project, there are also many software online based, so let’s start about some essential features on it.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

For example you are calculating financial statement on this, in first column you need to mentioned Year, than add your requirement to calculate like deposits, sales, dividends, growth, total sales, Growth in %, and final evaluation. Review latest Project Management tool;

Here are some collections you can assess in these tracking Microsoft tool like;

  • Integration Module
  • Performance Management system
  • Riggs-A-lot Decommissioning
  • Annual Customer Convention
  • Six Sigma Assessment

Dashboard portfolio Template

Project Management and Dashboard Spreadsheet Software

You can manage more than 10 or 15 project via this portfolio dashboard, after adding details in first section, now the time of calculation expense or % of budget.

  • Activity (Performed by Each member of project)
  • Duration (Monthly or Annually)
  • % Done
  • % of Budget (against each activity)

Now in third section Gantt Tracking Bar chart represent the performances in visually manner against already set timeline calendar of months. Now in below list down any critical issues, task and member of each project, add a section of comment in which discuss any further risk management and organized meeting schedule.

Extra Features of Business Intelligence Dashboard

Here are some other portfolio dashboard project status visually charts like, issues action and decision, resources usage, quality insurance, risk allocation and assessment, Expense budget status and task by each group.

So these Microsoft Templates regarding project status is very famous in many companies, you can not only track and estimate final evaluation but also make other strategies regarding this particular one. As a manager you can also change the tactics between the projects after viewing its progress.

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    • I think You required some kind of software, these are template excel base, but i send file of xlx in to your inbox

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