Project Management Dashboard Templates

Are you ready for understanding about Dashboard templates of Microsoft Excel, There are many online software having ability to multiple dashboard features to track the project activity. In project management you’ve learned about technical tools and latest techniques like Scrum, Agile, and SAP, SharePoint or other software of manage entire data of financial reporting or other business worksheet management, so these kinds of tool helps you regarding to keep your project on track.

As a manager you just required a program, which you see every little activity about project, either weekly reporting or monthly, Slider based tracking system or Visual presentation in-chart comments based you needed it badly for management or schedule tons of project in single day.

Project Management Dashboard Templates

For one Page reporting, overview inter-relationship planning and other controlled events many managers been used these templates in Excel, on the other hand you can edit via on online Spreadsheet or Smart-Sheet program.

You can add many box or slides according to your choice, most perfect choice are, Gantt chart (visual performance based) Multi language Box, Expense Budget Analysis, Project portfolio, Team work, Tasks performed by team member, Current or Future project and end or starting time, time line interlinked data. These all system used in tracking dashboard software or templates for project management.

Usually Managers bored by some regular activities, so if you are working on Widows 8, or Visio software than you would be amaze by its graphics like viewing chart, graphs and other textual images.

Features of Project Dashboard Template

Just like Analytics, you can also add few column or boxes for more information about project progress, this is also called action plan tool, mean you can take action in every single changing of project. You can easily notify your members as well as assign other task during the project.

  • Make any project Report at any time
  • Time consuming will be minimize
  • Removed extra work load
  • Make financial or expense budgeting
  • Easy Dashboard
  • Long Term or short term planning
  • Easy to Editable and professional look
  • Business portfolio management

Dashboard or tracking templates could be very handy for any It based or other business, some software have ability to show all numerically figure via visually presentation in a easy way, so that a person can change it later. You just make sure about Excel version been used, mostly software or templates aren’t compatible with excel 2007 version. So Download 2013 or 2010 version before getting any online software for data upload and change it to any other format of Microsoft.

Other Dashboard Project Planning Tool

SharePoint dashboard also has ability to show data like these Excel tool, so you can easily controlled all inventory or stock-take worksheet of tons of data in a single click.

TimeLine and Milestone figures are very essential features of this template, Project management isn’t easy task for everyone, some manager especially learn these training or train himself about latest software before implement in system. If you don’t have knowledge about using this than you don’t have capability to implement any technology in every department or work accordingly demand and supply of market.

Excel Project Management Dashboard Templates is for everyone; you can easily download this software and ready to configure your team member according to this.

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