Project Management Certification Update in 2016

Check out latest update about PMP certification in year 2016. Project management professional (PMP) are therefore people who specifically worked on project to achieve measurable and desired output. The certification programs launched are therefore helpful for both managers and companies.

Project Management Exam Changes in 2016

Here are some exam I mentioned in year on 2016, you can check course manual and certification date according to country basis like United State.


  • Career growth is a desire of every individual in the job therefore the managers who are more expert definitely enjoy career stability.
  • Traits required to successfully accomplish a particular project can be outlined and worked on in manner to ensure its effective completion.
  • When a company come across larger project with multiple tasks the project head it chooses is usually a person with this certification.


Understanding the purpose of a specific project helps in laid out ways to achieve it however once the goal is misunderstood it lead to wastage of time and resources therefore the managers who have passed out this examination is expert in this function.


Diversity has been observed in the choice of customers and in the technology therefore to understand the requirement of continuous changing environment and understanding the project is required which is ensured from PMI-AC certification.

One of the basic cause of failure of any project is to miss out risk elements it face therefore project managers expert in identifying these risks and coming up with a solution of it is considered successful managers.

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