Project and Performance Tracking System

It is an important to complete project on time to earn profit for business which is a main motive to each business. Different tools and Multiple project tracking software’s are available online for this purpose this is a time consuming process in the start but later it shows its significance.

  • It is a duty of project manager to complete project on time.
  • Therefore he monitor project after specific period of time.
  • This is necessary for outlining opportunities and strength of project.
  • It also helps in showing threats and weakness to the project.

Every industry there is system of Reporting, so Employee Reporting Sheet Format Excel been use for performance evaluation in every month.

Monitoring stage:

  • Difference between the budgeted or planed work can be compare with actual work at this stage.
  • Manager should review the work done by his team members.
  • He can do this after a specific period or regularly.
  • He can monitor the performance of team by noticing achievement of tasks and objectives by them or not.
  • Time allocation for each task can also be evaluated and can be made variable if needed.

Developing process:

  • In case of poor performance by team members project manager should ensure improvement in work for project completion before deadline.
  • In case of new job or uncommon job trainee program must be organized by him.
  • It can be formal or informal training.
  • In case or training require for skilled job or new working process it should be organized on time.


This process is fundamental to check employee’s performance. A company may want security that the jobs assigned to workers matches with their skills or to sign another job in the company which is more suitable to them.

It helps in outlining strengths and weaknesses of employees. training and development programs can be designed more efficiently which helps in improving skills of excited employees.

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