Printable Rental Agreement Forms Excel

For mutual understanding of both parties a rental agreement is prepared in start of the rental period. Rental forms in excel are therefore contract forms prepared in Microsoft excel. It is different for residential and commercial properties.

Imagine yourself as a landlord of property which you desire to give on rent however you have certain queries related to property. Check out more rental receipt template excel. In the same way tenant also has sort of confusions in mind which later on can be cause of conflict between two parties.

Purpose Of Rental Agreements Forms

  • Terms and regulations are dictated to tenants in the starting of rental period.
  • However it should be in writing to prevent any confusion between two parties.
  • It also prevents any false claim from tenant or landlord.
  • It shows the area of property especially if property is shared by multiple tenants.
  • Property and appliances already in the property is required to be in working condition as requirement of landlord therefore it should also be added in rental contracts.
  • Time span of contract must be specified like whether its for a one year or more.
  • After that time contract is terminated then a new contract must be prepared.
  • It is important as in case of trouble causing by any party legal help can be taken.
  • It is necessary for security of both parties.


Format of Rental Contracts Forms In Excel

Different terms and conditions are mentioned in rental contracts prepared for commercial property and residential property however excel is useful for creating contract for both types of property. Amount of rent must be specified on contracts.

A good contract form shows the percentage of increase after a fixed period mostly at the year end. The date of rent when it is overdue must also be mentioned in contract. These are helpful therefore preventing any fight between two parties. copy of these contracts must be kept by both parties safely.

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