Printable Employee Gate Pass Template Sample

Gate pass is usually composed for particular employees doing some sort of job in the company. Sample of templates are available using word as a tool free or for small amount.Every company design some pre-orderly customize template for gate entry of every official to guest member. It’s not only show company authority online but also a secure way of traffic for both ends.

Identity cards are used in firms for protection of the employees as well as for safeguarding the premises. Using Excel gate pass format you can download here. Different mode and plans are utilized in the companies nowadays due to increase in the number of crimes practiced using unique strategies and procedures by the robbers.

Employee gate pass are common in the industries consisting of number of employees, offices which require more security like chemical industries and IT companies preparing software’s of specific nature for the other companies or for the government organizations. They are also used for gate keepers in government houses and institutions.

Format of Employee Gate Pass Template

  • It show identity of particular employee whether he is contractor, worker or security guard.
  • Passport size picture of employee is added on the card.
  • Name and designation of the employee is stated on the card.
  • It is used for the verification of the selected employee.
  • Company name and contact details are also added on the card.
  • Color of the cards can be selected with the company logo to give it more classic look.

Gate Pass Template

Gate Pass for Event

Wedding ceremonies and parties arranged for the business or for personal cause are also more secured by using gate pass for the guests. Guests are overwhelmed greatly however the cards consist of venue, event name and member’s gate pass. Name, place, timing of the event and the purpose is also mentioned on the gate pass.

Gate Passes Procedure for Material

Usually before entering the premises by handling material of some kind is secured by preparing gate pass for the individuals involved in the process. it is formulated by adding company name, logo, person name handling the material, the purpose of material as well as the time when they were ordered.

Employee gate pass template in word, PDF and available also in printable format, so you just need to Comment Us for Downloading this template or order us for customize.

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