PMI Scheduling Professional Certification Changes in 2016

Competition faced by the companies in rapidly changing market is requiring tracking the projects while they are worked on to accomplish them successfully. Identifying key indicators are helpful to drive the projects in right direction as scheduling process has ensured once outlined carefully.

PMI institution has launched a certification program specifically underlying scheduling process as professionals in the institution are aware of importance of project scheduling.

Check out project management updates in 2016, Different tools and software’s are designed by professionals to help the managers to become efficient in project scheduling focusing on all the indicators and aspects of the project therefore missing out any important factor is uncommon. Scheduling process specifically holds more value for the small business which is initiated with the small capital amount.

Guidance to PMI Scheduling Professional Certification

Usually project team consist of number of employees therefore tracking each employee is difficult however once the schedules are set for the operations with the time limit set the performance of the employees can be observed automatically. Usually an area of business which it covers is:

PMI Scheduling Professional Certification

  • Schedule strategy covering 14% of exam.
  • Planning and development cover 31% of exam.
  • Monitoring and controlling cover 35% of exam.
  • knowledge and skill
  • outlining responsibilities
  • stakeholder management
  • developing plan
  • schedule closeout
  • configuration management plans

Function of PMI Scheduling Professional Certification

It is important to outline best regulations and policies for effective completion of project on time. Calculating the costs which are scheduled and calculated that they will incur in the project has an impact on the profit making capability of the company.

Schedules are set by estimating costs which are calculated by estimating resources required by project as well s labor cost. If skilled labor is required the cost of hiring it as well as wages are also calculated. Establishing plans is easy for the professionals in passed out this examination.

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