Payment Voucher Template Excel

Payment voucher is the authenticated signed document issued to the customer or consumer over the due outstanding clearance. Usually at departmental stores and all kinds of small and large shops, retail centers and the places where consumer buy the product, this voucher is tempted to record all the details of sales activity, applied taxes and other service charges. Excel templates help to write down as much number of vouchers as required with consistent outlook and it helps in quick issuance of bill.

This document is a formal proof of momentary transaction between two parties conducting any deal. At times, there occurs different complications and complexities in the proof of authenticated representation of items and the bill and other issues such warrantee claim and etc. For learning manually How to Create Pay Slip visit here.

Using a signed document which reverts the deal closing over the payment being done from the buyer’s end, help in making any stance against or in the favor of activity. Different companies design their payment vouchers based upon their relevant products and they add their desired sections in them

Excel Payment Voucher Template Exhibit Multiple Features

Using hand written receipts is too odd and old. Using modern means and computerized slips has not only become a trend but also a requirement. Company or business owner wants to initiate for the risk of record loss and damage to the possession of business payments track, therefore shifting all the hardcopy record to the digital mean is too mainstream these days.

It exhibits multiple functions as online payments can be adjusted over the draft and repetitive issuance is much easy. Each copy is similar as being a reprint of former draft of payment and can adjust different kinds of details in a precise and accurate manner. Using these excel voucher, user can draw following advantages;


  • Alterations can be made instantly and reprint the draft
  • Items and payment details are verified
  • No change in the format and repetitive additions can be made
  • Instant calculation of bill and applied charges can be done through excel spreadsheet formulations
  • Smart and catchy look of document which further simplify the task of understanding all conditions

Cash Receipt Template in Excel Format

As long as the matter of format is concerned, there are no fixed formats for generating payment bills. Every business contains a formal outlook based on the nature of their product and types of services, depending upon the implied conditions on the deal. Yet based on the similarity of job, there are various popular formats of cash receipt being used in bill making.

One can easily download these templates and can make desired customizations and use them for quick billing process, by just entering the relevant details into the readymade sections; the total of bill come follow by. Giving the command of print, this bill is printed and issued with the authenticated signs and statement of clearance from the cashier or activity supervisor.

Download Payment Voucher Templates and Start Billing

Rather than composing the whole draft by hands, and them implementing a random format, smart way is to download various kinds of already available financial planning tool with a fixed format in excel and use them for rapid and smart efficient working.

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