Orix Succeeded to Acquires of U.S Energy Management

Orix Corporation, a Japanese finance and leasing company, has got a greater deal of U.S energy Management Company Enovity. Enovity was responsible of a significant amount of U.S. energy management. Now it would be under control of Orix. Sources said that Orix has gained more than 80 percent of Enovity shares and will be controlling it in now.

It has improved the rating of Orix and its own share prices are forecasted to increase in the near future. California is considered as the major region for energy management provided by the Enovity. Sources have not disclosed the actual terms and conditions of this acquisition yet.


A statement by the Orix came and it states that the energy-saving systems are in demand and it is expected that they would soon reach the Asian region as well. China, Singapore, and Philippines could the next host for energy-saving systems and Orix could be the leading corporation which would overlook the market for energy-saving systems.

Orix is a Tokyo based company and is working on many projects related to clean energy such as Solar and Geothermal energy in Japan. It acquires 20 percent share in Global Business Power Corporations which is another energy services company working in Philippines.

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