Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM Release Version 8.3

Recently Oracle release Primavera p6 next advance version 8.3 in EPPM edition, you can also call the most advance or upgrade edition of EPPM. It is one of the best technological solutions to the project managers around the globe out there and they can easily make plans and strategies using primavera P6.

This web based software is itself a multi-tasking application and helps in maintain plans, tracking the individual and group performances in the company, cater the scheduling and suggest better alterations in your pre-devised plan rather blindly following your input.It’s a master portfolio dashboard software, get details now.

Features of Primavera P6 EPPM Version 8.3

P6 uses various online sources to gather information about the process automatically and then relates the best in-dated solution about your plans. Version 8.3 is a highly professional software, typically used as planning and resource management end, including different major tasks of project management.Via article about the difference between EPPM or PPM edition of p6.

It creates various analytical glimpses of the performance and planning directories in the organizations and helps the decision making authorities to decide for the best group of working boundary and they can easily rectify the disturbing sectors in the corporation.

Primavera p6 8.3

Project Management and Primavera p6 8.3

This leads to another major issue which is the ultimate use of technology for business planning and this relates your business aspects with the relevant course of action around the market you are playing in. Recently Oracle has released the primavera P6’s latest version that is 8.3 and it aids many technical and planning issues to be resolves in the genre of project management and organizational planning itself. Following are some of the useful enhancement is the latest version of this software.

1-      It comes with more widen customization abilities for columns and rows you are devising to distinguish different activities.

2-      Its user interface is more enhanced and enchanting than the previous one.

3-      According to the scope of activity, it automatically adjusts the barcodes and their ultimate labeling.

4-      It can also import data from cloud services and other online sources.

XML importing capabilities also make effective this system for those organization who been used templates of excel in project management documentation. Oracle Primavera p6 8.3 is the advance technology for manager’s regarding re-schedule their projects.


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