OneNote Task List Word Template

Task List serves beneficial for arranging and listing your organizational and household tasks. You can enlist your daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, semiannually, annually or all other kinds of tasks in it as per theirs timelines and deadline.

It lets you keep a record of all your tasks as you can update the list frequently as soon as you accomplish a phase of any of your task. You can track all your small or large projects through such a list.

However, it serves well as a task list for managing individual’s tasks rather than as a list of tasks for collectively keeping track of tasks of all team members. The individual can prioritize each task on the list as per the preferences, essentialities and deadlines of tasks.

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Features of a Task List

  • It has a quick installation wizard that completes its installation in only 6 or 7 steps.
  • It has similarities with a To Do List template in many respects as you can add all your tasks in it. Actually, it can contain many To Do Lists in it with each To Do List of different tasks and notes.
  • Selecting its icon of ‘Tasks’ takes the user to a new task-window.
  • It acts like a database and complete record of all your tasks and also saves the aspects of each task in a separate section.
  • It also contains the date and time setup, and you can add timelines along with deadlines of each task and can also set notes in it.
  • A wide array of color scheme is present in it and you can change its design in any style.
  • It also contains a drag and drop down tool for reordering any list in it.

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