Microsoft offers first peek of Windows 10 in this Season 2014

Microsoft Corporation has announced the release of first glance of Windows 10, although the complete launch has not been carried out. Microsoft showed a few features including the web browser, start menu, and Excel spreadsheet of Windows 10 in a press conference on Tuesday with media reporters in San Francisco. The current version is Windows 8 and no glance of Windows 9 has been released or foretold yet.

Microsoft announced the partial release on Tuesday in a press media meeting in San Francisco. The spokesperson said that the new release has easy switching options from one task to another as well as it can allow the user to run multiple applications simultaneously. The start menu and social apps functions have been improved in this version.


The spokesperson said that the exact time of complete launch of Windows 10 is expected after the upcoming spring. No details about prices, exact date, and other features of Windows were revealed in the news press conference; however, expectations were told that the new version would be more efficient and would reclaim fame of Windows operating system in the general public.

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Windows 8 Complications:

The mistakes and issues that appear in Windows 8 version are expected not to be repeated in the upcoming new version. “Quite a large number of corporate tech buyers had complained about the complexity of Windows 8 version and Microsoft has this fact into their notice”, said by the spokesperson of Microsoft Corporation.

Special Compatibility with Touch Screen devices:

It was also informed to the media that the upcoming 10 version will be specially made compatible with the touch screen smart phones and tech devices. Its manufacturing was started when Steve Ballmer was the CEO of Microsoft.

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