Microsoft Announce to Call Up New Hiring For CEO

Microsoft Corporation is expecting to hire the new CEO of the corporation at the end of this year. Rumors have been around about the expected candidates for this position. The MSFT board is working for this purpose. It was reported by some personnel that the Board has shortlisted some individuals however, the names of those are under confidentiality.

The two personnel interviewed by the Bloomberg sources said that a number of expected candidates for this post are now out of the race. For instance, the CEO of EBay Inc, John Donahoe, is not in the list now and some other person who were previously considered to be the expected candidates for this post.

microsoft new ceo

The Board has also requested the former CEO of Cisco Systems Inc, Mr. Charles Giancarlo, for the post. Mr. Charles is now the managing director of private equity from Silver Lake.

The Board members have already contacted Mr. Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford Company, Mr. Stephen Elop the former CEO of Nokia Corporation. Mr. Elop can join Microsoft if the $7.2 billion deal of acquisition of Nokia with Microsoft finalizes. The Board is looking over these people and it is possible that the future CEO would the one of them.


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