Inventory Dashboard Templates in Excel

Inventory or stocktake management although quit difficult task that can be minimized through proper utilization project management tool like excel template, there are many web-based software provides dashboard features for action plan, risk assessment, sale forecasting and other issues after track the system department vise.

After download this software of template you will directly connect with professional line-up, just a little bit technical skill required to manage these tools.

Inventory Dashboard Templates to do list

Remember these terms before attempting work on template or software; you have to do it manually for shoeing data in graphs, pie chart, sales funnel or other timeline figure. Separate section of “order fulfillment” like order analysis, backlog analysis. Demand variation, lead time analysis, OTIT analysis, shipment, and lead time and ROI assessment.To manage inventory spreadsheet online is another way to saving data online.

  1. Current Fill Rate fuel gauge
  2. Monthly trends
  3. Distribution Channel
  4. Fill Rate Analysis

There are many type of dashboard; you need to set according to nature of project for example creating hotel inventory plan, restaurant, warehouse, stocktake and other. Dashboard creates accordingly but some things are same like supplier, product distribution system, products (New, Removed).

Orders Due

This area will show no of overdue order in respect of today and tomorrow. You can easily identify items due based on promise data.

Supplier Performance

It’s very important to keep track supplier performance, because this will affect your entire inventory management planning, on time average against late order by name of every supplier mentioned here.


Inventory Dashboard Templates Facts

Dashboard should be dynamic and easy to configure with easy tool, export CVS data through this should be just like Google Analytics. Automatic Backup facility and other items like Complete Work-flow management, Shipment details, cancellation and approve any order for taking action instantly according to situation.Review more of Project management templates of dashboard.

 Inventory Management Software

No of companies been using this system for avoiding any discrepancies in financial calculation, its tough task for manager who is responsible to manage at all. Make sure any particular software has these features listed below.

  • Product List (By Name, picture, Type)
  • Movement History (past record of suppliers and goods quality)
  • Multiple Locations (Track multiple locations through aisle and bin numbers)
  • Multi-User Mode (Access or restrict mode facility)
  • Document Creation (Automatically Plan creation for project management documentation)
  • Export Documents (Ability to compatible in other format)
  • Customer History (Customer Bio data and survey questionnaire)
  • Intuitive Dashboard (manage cash flow, sales, profit, costs, outstanding orders and other financial listing)

Although software has everything you want, but due to expensive mostly small companies prefer with templates of excel first, after while they slowly move towards this one phase by phase.

So at last it’s confirmed about Inventory Dashboard Templates excel, most important thing in this to up-date product listing every new entry for keep away from confusion and other misplacing items.

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