How To Remove Duplicate Values Using Microsoft Excel 2013?

No doubt Microsoft always came up with user friendly interface no doubt using Microsoft word, power point or Microsoft excel 2013 or any older versions of them. But sometimes there are some hidden features about which you must consult official websites or experts. One of them issue is about to How to remove duplicate values. No doubt very few people know the method to resolve this issue as this is quiet technical. The content below will help to understand the method and step by step images will elaborate well.

Some times when you have to do bunch of work in very limited time you repeated the values unintentionally, in a result you will unable to match the SL of your original amount. The hidden feature will help you to remove duplicate values but make sure save your data before proceeding to this procedure (For Counter Check) by doing this you will get the duplicate vales which repeats more than one time, let’s start the procedure of removal.

How to remove duplicate value:

1-      First of all you need to select the range of data you need to remove duplicate values make sure you select the expand selection checkbox in order to avoid the change in data range.

2-      Select the data range from which you want to remove duplicate values.

3-      There will shown multiple tabs in header of Microsoft excel like Home, insert, Page layout, Formulas. You need to click on “DATA” tab and click on option “Remove duplicate” as shown in the image.

4-      The window will open after clicking on “Remove duplicate values” will ask you to select or unselect order ID, do it according to your desire.

5-      In step five a window will open to intimate you about your duplicate entries in terms of values as showing in image there are 15 duplicate values. Select ok to remove them automatically.

How to Select Selective values Row wise:

There is another option to choose data range manually according to rows. This option known as “filtering values

2-Select second option of Copy to another Location and paste it here in the option bar.



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