How to fill Bank Deposit Slip – Easy Steps To Follow

Mostly people go to banks first time or after gaps and they hardly remember the way of entering information in this slip therefore making this trouble easier, there are helpers sitting around in the bank and even you can learn how easy it is to fill out the Sample deposit slip. Below here is a briefly described method for this procedure;

Bird Eye View Of Deposit Slip:

How To fill deposit slip:

1-      Take a deposit slip from the rack and put on the date and day over it.

2-      Then enter the account title you want to deal with

3-      Accordingly in the sequence, add the account number of relevant title

4-      After this, mention the type of currency you are depositing as there are quite a number of frequently used currencies in the options

5-      After selecting the currency type, you can write the amount you want to deposit

6-      Once you mention the amount, check for the method you are using if by cheque or cash.

7-      After this step, if you are depositing by cheque, mention its number else mention the cash amount in both figures and alphabets in corresponding sections

8-      Followed by this, write off your signature and recheck everything you have written.

Make sure there is no false entry of any amount or other information and then proceed with depositing the slips.

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