How To Export Outlook Task to Excel Using VBA

On your daily basis work pretention, there are certain things you need to hold on finger tips. Microsoft office suit including MS Excel and Outlook are preferences of professional data managers who have to moderate the company working procedures by passing over the mails, charts, reports and presentations to one mode of verification to another. The greatest thing here is when you know how easily you can manage this entire chunk of work.

Working over one platform  like Microsoft excel and then exporting it to another one like MS Outlook is such an east in its base that you can handily bridge up these two tools and transfer the conducted tasks so easily. Usually you require this to happen where you are done with preparative stage of a document or file which you initially make on excel and then you carry it to outlook document.

Export Outlook Task with Commanding Methods

Usually for all computing and analytical apprehensions, you use Microsoft excel and then in other to export it, you can use certain commands and feature which are not as difficult as you expect them to be. This goes out for all outlook tasks which can relatively help you sharing the documents on such panels where information passage is easier to transmit for the entire organization especially to use who are more concerned with what is going on.

  • After all the necessary ergative work on the document or task you have performed on Outlook, open a new outlook window and press Alt+F11
  • This command will open the VBA editor and now you can relate the task
  • If your module is not expanded, expand it
  • Check if Outlook objects are not expanded either, expand them too
  • Then get the readily available code description for the task export and past it into the right pan space of VBA editor.
  • Click the diskette icon and save the changes you have made
  • Now you can close VBA editor window

After doing these initial steps based procedure, you can end up with VBA edition commands.

Export to Excel with Easy Access

Now you can do the rest of task easily with macros pre-fed to outlook window tools.

Follow the steps below for some last stages of file export to excel;

  • With Outlook, select the data containing folder
  • Run the macro of ‘’export task to excel’’
  • As it prompts, give a name to this file for saving export to
  • By the end, this macro will display a dialogue box which will tell about the number of files being exported

Export Outlook Task to Excel

Learn Smart Procedures to Export Outlook Task to Excel

For very that reason, never forget the fact that there is not a single method to do a task on MS Office suit and specially in the field of computer working. Learn easy and handy methods to jibjab your work and export all preparatory base you may develop as a task on outlook and export to Microsoft Excel.

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