How To Create Deposit Slip Template

This is the deposit slip format which is issued from the bank to the client with the cash deposit activity in the branch. This template carries the necessary information about the date, at which activity occurs, person who was represented at the bank for the activity, branch  name and its relevant code, amount of cash received and its currency type. These details are well-motioned on the slip and can be quoted where it is required.

A copy of the records will be kept to the bank records for account statement management and another copy will be deposited to the bank account holder for the personal cash flow management

Bank deposit slip templates are  available in the excel spreadsheet format as well, which  are being used for the transaction purpose and any bank can use these templates  to make the desired changes as per their format and principal policies of the information demanded on the slips. But majority of the banks are headed up with different logos over the slip which has one mean purpose of utilization.

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Steps for making Bank deposit slip template:

  1. At the upper left corner, write the legal name of the person who is going to deposit the cash
  2. Below the name, write the complete address of that person
  3. At the upper mid of the page write down the cash deposit date
  4. At the upper right corner, write the total amount of cash
  5. Below the cash, write check amount
  6. Below this write the check below
  7. Subtotal of the cash
  8. Less Cash received
  9. Amount in dollar
  10. At the left corner, write the account title/name
  11. Below this sign of the person who received cash is taken
  12. Routing number and parallel to it Account number is written

Features of the Bank deposit slip template:

  • Easy inputs and calculations are being done
  • It provides Micro Encoding Font for the Routing Number and Account Number to make it easier for computers to scan and read.

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