How to Converting MPP to MPX for use with Primavera P6

In this post ProjectManagerClub.co.uk Notify an issues of Converting MS Project into a P3 or P6 file or MPP to MPX files in using primavera P6. It’s very technical issue to resolve those who are working with latest version or wants to upgrade their version. Sometime due to software technical problem some files couldn’t converting as it is. So let’s review about peoples issues related to this.

Here is some accurate Answer of some peoples, before attempting this make sure about the Download file is O.K

Johny Kesserwany

Some time visual images, chart like sales funnel, dashboard, milestone couldn’t convert same colored image. In this case here is another suggestion for you.

MPP to MPX in P6

Paul Harris

You could export it to Excel and then import or save it as mpx, or open with SureTrak, save as P3 and import.

Some time an error occurred during converting “Not a Valid format” makes sure that P3 can then import teh data via DBF during converting MPP to MPX. You have to installed MSP 2007 for overcome any bugs regarding MPP scripting.

Although latest edition of primavera p6 like 8.3 have ability to convert any previous formatted file with proper graphics and table. I would suggest you to download this latest version for removing any further bugs or issues.

Cas Dave

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