Great Work By Wrike Collect 10M for Project Management Tools

The Wrike Management has gained ten million dollars Bain Capital for Project Management tools. Wrike is a project management software builder organization and it offers project management solutions. The Company, named Wrike, was founded in 2006 and in previous seven years it has progresses at a very fast pace. Currently, it is offering project management solutions to over 4,000 organizations.

The Bain Capital Venture is the first investment of Wrike Corporation. Wrike founder and CEO Andrew Filey is very keen in investing in this project and looking forward for a positive outcome of this investment. Filey said that, “Collaboration is a well-defined market; there’s not that many things, holistically, that you can invent. When we do something, we try to do it right.”

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Bain’s Todd McLaren has also showed positive response on Wrike’s decision and has affirmed that the investment is an appropriate act of Wrike Corporation. Wrike’s is also considering its competitors actions as well. Asana, Liquid Planner, and Basecamp are considered its major competitors.

Recently, Wrike has also released a new version of graphics which includes flat design and info graphics as well. Wrike has also disclosed about its company size. It reported that the company is based in San Jose, Calif., and the company has seventy workers. Get More Updates  news for Project management at ProjectManagerClub.


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