Financial Plan Sales Funnel Template Excel

There are much more too available for financial management but this is most important regarding visualization presenting sales report monthly or annually. You probably seen this kind of chart, which show the statistics of financial and accountancy detail, looking very difficult to prepare but after the invention of technology sales funnel chart could be prepare by just few easy steps and also you can get via download template or edit it according to your financial budget plan. In this post I will discuss how to prepare this via Microsoft excel and helps you to create professional business summary and portfolio design.

There are numerous tool of data visualization like BCG Matrix, Pert Chart, Timeline and Gantt chart tool which present data in well-manner way, this one been used to point out text information in short professional way, easy to view and got idea through this.

Prepare Sales Funnel Template Excel

It’s a first choice of project manager and utilizes this tool in project management checklist or documentation preparation. There are many point need to remember before making this funnel graph accurate and perfectly suited the business plan.

Before coming to point make sure your plan will fully specified and properly understandable, I mean you have all necessary data about it and values already calculated to insert in it. It’s  also been using in preparing cash flow plan statement.

Sales Funnel Template

How to Prepare Sales Funnel chart in Microsoft Excel

First of all you make sure and clear some points before making this chart, You value proposition adjustment to downsizing should be fit in funnel section. Don’t be plan to make long, short and simple will be prefer more than other complex one.

Do not deceive the reader with some eye-catching color added in any category, focus on your branding color and other light color for focusing much on text either in bold or some differ in color.

You can’t change the width, that’ why re-think about your text inserting in it, sometime it will be looking weird if text come beyond the specified funnel corner.

Review other similar sales forecasting cash receipt template.

This will usually been design for executive portfolio dashboard for tracking system in any particular area of financial reporting.

Phase 1 of making sales funnel chart

Open your Excel dashboard and go to the “Insert” section, in this section you could see “column” click on it, a drop-down section open which includes 2-D column, 3-D column, Cylinder, cone and Pyramid.

The Breakdown

  • Create a 100% Stacked Pyramid Chart
  • Flatten it to 2D
  • Flip it upside down
  • Label and clean it up

Insert already calculated data in excel row and click on Pyramid section after selecting these data, which you decide to present in funnel chart.

You will see statistics of selecting data in left side of section, now you can easily seen changing after changing in text values.

How to Convert Pyramid Chart to Funnel

Now it’s time to go towards the final edge of this discussion. Note down these point for converting data into funnel.

  • Go to the Design section of excel
  • Click on Switch “Row/Column”
  • Final Result will show in Funnel Graph

Now you can change its direction using 3-D command click on it, either point towards upward or downward. But this will be depending on your text and your data.

Download Sales Funnel Template

There are many different layout templates in excel available, so you can easily download and insert into your financial planning plan. You just need to add values and adjust in to right there in particular are.

These template are easily convertable in any excel version like 2013, and 2010 so you don’t need to worried about it.

So after getting Sales Funnel Template Excel, I’m sure you will be able not only sales plan or inventory management process understanding but also other terms and complex areas of project management software and dashboard understand easily.

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