Fillable Receipt Template [DOC File 25 KB]

It is a well customize and very useful template of MS Word. You can use it in your business dealings, cash handlings, daily expense details, etc.

What It Does? Example of Bank Receipt

It acts as a daily cash invoice and lets you keep track of your cash dealings related to any field. All kind of cash activities for instance, the cash amount that you earn in a day whether related to your business activity or some other transactions, the cash amount that you spend in a single day whether related to your daily household expenses or your business activities costs, and the cash amount which is withdrawn from you through a bank transaction, etc. are tracked by this spreadsheet template.

Bank Recipt Template

How To Use Receipt in business Record?

You can reconcile your total cash amount or the cash amount of each activity by using the spreadsheet template. All you have to do is to insert the value or amount of each activity that you performed in a single day; however, you need to insert the expenses in a separate column or section in the spreadsheet while your earnings or cash pluses in a different section.

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