Excel Template for Diet Exercise and Health

We make plans to celebrate occasions to make them more exciting however is it possible without good health! We might have ice-cream craving in the evening but cannot taste it due to toothache. Diet and health are closely related with another.

Balanced diet which is a food containing proteins, vitamins, calcium and other elements needed by body is essential for good health. Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle as it converts diet into useful elements need by a body. Excel template is internet centric software in this regard to shows the amount of element needed by body.

Benefits of Balanced Diet Intake and Exercise

A balanced diet and exercise protects body from several diseases and also makes the brain and body healthy. It can alter our body shape and makes several organs of the body more efficient. It is more beneficial for body as it can makes bones more strong and the major advantage is that it protects person from having diseases in later stage of life.

  • A balanced diet consists of fresh fruits and fresh and green vegetables. They contain lot of beneficial elements which is requirement of body.
  • Exercise helps in controlling and losing the weight. In daily routine exercise helps in losing excess weight by burning calories which are not needed by body. The person who does more severe exercise will lose more calories therefore preventing him from gaining weight.
  • Exercise fights against several diseases like blood pressure and especially heart diseases. During intense exercise heart works at full potential therefore flowing of blood is smooth and on the other hand becomes stronger. It also helps in preventing diseases like diabetes.
  • Exercise helps in reducing stress and making person cheerful. It works as a pushing factor by making the mood better and relieving stress. It helps in stimulating adrenaline and other hormones which can make brain performance fast.
  • Daily exercise make our bodies adhere to more workouts and it also make breathe faster therefore more intake of oxygen. This helps in our cardiovascular system to work efficiently.

Balanced diet along with exercise improved level of confidence as person become smarter and if outlook is better a person will be more confident. Person can feel the nature closely which is otherwise very difficult to enjoy in today’s competitive and busy world. It helps in having a good social life as meeting friends face to face is obviously better than on electronic media.


Format of Excel Template for Diet Exercise

There are several templates available to check calories intake in relation to daily usage of it however mostly individuals prefer Microsoft excel template in this regard as it is easy to understand and can be easily managed by individuals.

Daily Scheduling Exercise Template

A person needs to edit his daily input against consumption therefore he needs a format where he can edit the information and editing is a salient feature of Microsoft excel. More columns can be added as requirements of a person and he can even creates a template himself as it’s easy to make and is manageable.

Diet and exercise excel template in Microsoft excel is an excellent template for recording exercise and diet intake.it is user friendly and professional template.it can be used by doctors as well to ask people with obesity to record their diet intake.

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