Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Templates 2010

So looking for dashboard template in Microsoft excel spreadsheet format? Download and get free tracking software and excel template.  In this post i will disclose some essential key performance monitoring software or tool which you can use for creating, tracking, reports by different team members in any particular projects.

Excel dashboard spreadsheet templates

These are also been use for multiple project management. First of all you need to understand some technical templates of excel terms using to manage in project planning, actually it’s a combination of different tools, charts, trend activity, performance measuring, tracking and monitoring and view other session-based performance reporting.

To analysis data through different tool, finally you can view through this excel template. It’s very handy to manage and compatible to spreadsheet and smart-sheet for online project record and operate.

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

Any type of business like hotel record management, restaurant, attendance record, employees leaving and salaries record and web-based project dealing, you can monitor and analysis via these kind of Dashboard tool.

These analysis data, chart or visually graphics based tool is being used for survey analysis and research report conducting data for example you survey a particular kind of report, like “Trend of software among business companies” so you can easily figure out and get stats about top companies trend. These also use in stocktake and other tool. After getting statistics data you just need to add in this given chart, trend analysis report chart and other particular kind of data for showing visually.

Dashboard Excel Spreadsheet Template

Project Management Dashboard Templates

It’s being used by project manager for methodological task and project management documentation. Although some other tool like break even analysis and work break down structure template are easy to work with this rather than other tool, but still many manager are linked with Microsoft Project tool for record and monitoring performance data report.

Creating a Dashboard of Project

For Manage through these template, it will gives you accurate statement about Expense and other profit data, these are compatible to every nature of business so you wouldn’t experience any problem about it, just take some time to understand it’s dashboard features and programs linked with it.


Before creating this you have to be considered something like business plan checklist detail like any other missing items.

Some kind of Flow chart template, Perth chart, BCG matrix break even analysis and other status report should be added to display with project statistics data.

Advantages of Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet Tool

Here are some business perspectives advantages regarding deal out multiple kinds of projects some are;

  • Easy to manage work, and linked other status report data
  • Production Based Business (New Sales, New customer)
  • Sales and Expense Analysis
  • Product-oriented report
  • Budget and Actual coast Data
  • Trend Analysis report
  • Tracking Performance (complete Dashboard figure)
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Even more Sales Dashboards from Chandoo. PC, 2010.

Polio Slicker report consists of data previous past years, so make sure you already have it. Sometime this data will need into present in other manner rather than Ms Excel. So you must have compatible tool for it.

Portfolio Dashboard Primavera p6 Dashboard Inventory Dashboard
Intelligence Dashboard Customer Service Dashboard Interactive Dashboard

Some Useful Dashboard template, don’t Forgot

Here are some tool, which indicate perfect result according to your business plan some of are here;

KPI Dashboard

Key Performance Indicator Tool

Here is a screen shot of KPI dashboard, in this post you will understand the trick of creating this one in easy steps.

Excel Gantt chart Template

It’s another useful data showing project progress in a swiftly and professional manner, easy to create and attach with spreadsheet.


Financial Portfolio template

So another dashboard appearance tool, that kept more importance than anyone, it’s most important template, so never forgot to download financial portfolio and manage on it.

So these excel dashboard spreadsheet template are not only easy to create but also easy to arrange if you download somewhere else. You can also create this manually according to your project demand, i know online software is very much expensive but you can’t compare manually created one.

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