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Suppliers term can be described as a person who is providing raw material to business in exchange for money. Comparison in simpler terms is difference between two things or two services.

It can be defined as a companies or persons who are providing raw material for business to convert it into product. Therefore business decides which to select and recording this information on computer. Check out our previous post, that’s about supplier evaluation form.

Specifications of supplier comparison Excel Format

  • A company financial output that is profit depends on sales of product. However a product which is good its sale volume will also be good.

  • A quality product can be produced from quality raw material.

  • A fine quality product can only be produced when material used for making is good. Take example of cloth factory in this regard if fine silk will be raw material the quality of cloth wills obvious be superb.

  • A fine quality raw material also assures long life span of product which a target consumer mostly prefer when making a choice.

  • A comparison table can therefore helps in decision making which supplier should be selected on bases of quality of raw material.

  • A major key factor deciding company profits is expense.

  • costly raw material means more cost incurring in producing a product therefore a clever decision should be made when selecting a supplier as which supplier is offering low cost or offering discount.

  • Buying sequent from a same supplier helps in maintaining friendly relationships.

  • It develops a trust factor between companies and in cases of late payment disputes will not arise.

Supplier Comparison Excel Format

Excel Format for Supplier Comparison

it is a fundamental factor which can make business successful or downwards as volume of sales earn profits for business therefore a wise decision should be made in selecting a template. Microsoft excels templates offers a solution as choice can be made between various templates.

However a specific template should contain column showing supplier name and contact info’s column showing discount percentage or per unit discount on buying certain amount of units. More information can be added if a business needs so.

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