Download Project Management Checklist Template Excel

Checklist template is effective for getting records and implement drawbacks in future, there are many type of project management excel format like financial, customer service, inventory, employees records and many other type of like production, financial projection, business services, consultant hire etc.

Whatever industry checklist you required? the main question is this. For example Auto industry, IT software proposal planning, Real estate industry, Interior designing, project management checklist.

Project Management Checklist Template

Actually these questions & answers checklist need to implement properly due to monitoring and track any activity within or external organization.  Every little organization hire some QA staff for keep monitor of every project and make list for customer satisfaction. Here is some general description list down regarding customer-oriented or other subject. Either you are preparing for TO DO list or other audit you have to prepare checklist for record.

Project Management Excel Checklist Template

Every project needs documentation from properly scanned and monitoring phase. Project management life cycle to methodology, project related tasks to other figure must add in this checklist document. Review cash Receipt templates excel format, that may help you preparing this sheet.


Important Questions in Checklist Template

Here are some importance consideration regarding making general templates, make sure you are added these questions in your document.

Measurable, Controllable and Reportable

In this question you ask customer about realistic of project, nature of project like how to report it to customer? How to measure performed tasks etc.


Communication is a positive addition in this piece of paper, was communication procedure flawless or not? Any hurdle between it? Language issues or other technical communication system troubleshooting issues etc.

Quality Management

Quality managed is very important part in it and effect positive at the end of the project. Does the change control process was easy or understandable? Does quality assured by other third party members?

Reviewed process

Does Project was easy to review?  Was any trouble regarding software compatible and working or IOS and Android?Here you can download these general format.


In this questions you may ask for customer about technology used on his/her behalf. For example you are making website on windows, which didn’t working well on android or other IOS, Mac technology etc. So add a question regarding currently being used technology.

So this is just a few example must be in considered before making project management checklist templates excel, Regarding any more question about this keep content with ProjectManagerClub.

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