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Gate pass are usually issued at the time of inventory or entry at some specific points where the record maintenance is very important to keep the track. Usually large factories, hotels, commercial building, government possessions and other instinct entrances, where the record of gate passers is crucial to hold for security or record management purpose, these templateĀ are issued and the record at the back end helps to maintain a track. Also this pass is an authenticated proof to cross that point with vigilant permission.

Taking specified case of pass for goods, there are specially created formats which help in issuing relevant details containing passes. Attained with the details of good, time of passage and other useful information for the record holding purpose is noted on the pass, as long as the hold body exists within the territory. Another multiple tasking template is required in busy routine, so click here for more detail.

Gate Pass Example 1:

Gate Pass Template Format

Security Gate passĀ format samples are widely available for this purpose which consists of useful and handy formats to attire these operations. Once such handful condition is when extensive passes to be issued for multiple times in a day.

Gate Pass Example 2:

gate pass template

Gate Pass for Goods Keep Record for Operations

Here are some basic things required for creating a professional template, make sure you have included all necessary things in your particular format like;

Company Logo and tag line (Description about product and Service)

  • Name of Person
  • Designation
  • Time out and Time in
  • Reason of Visit
  • Signature
  • Department head
  • Total Time of Departure and Arrival

So make sure all these important detail are pasted in gate pass template, you can prepare these data either in Word format for editable.

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