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Gauge is an instrument for the precise and pointed measure of any physical or number value based upon the true illustration of working at the back-end. Excel gauge is therefore a formulated pattern to review and analyze different calculations based on a demographically representation which helps you quickly understand the concluded meaning of anything.

There are easy excel spreadsheets which show this speedometer chart which is the combined product of doughnut and pie charts collectively and helps measuring and analyzing your data more consciously.

This making requires certain procedure and steps which are complicated while reverting the actual data positions into it. Below here is a well described tutorial along with the further description of utilization and advantages of this gauge that can help you in understanding both the construction and effectiveness of this feature. Like all other tools for fields of professional working, this speedometer chart is also one of the most comprehensive and efficient tool for data manipulation.

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Guage Chart Template Excel

Excel Gauge Chart Advantages With Customized Template

Sufficiently talking about the advantages of this chart, we have stated some points based benefits which a user can instantly get by using them. This gauge chart is the content based graphical illustration of your data and tells about the desired results with just a glance of eye. Some other prominent benefits are stated below;

  • Explains the functional objectives of given information
  • Gives the explanation of stated figures
  • It clearly illustrates the outcome of invested data and helps to quickly incur the results
  • With the position of gauge, you can judge the position of working
  • If in case you enter the data of any running project, it explicitly describes the relevant aspect of working by nominating one certain position

Following some easy steps, you can create a totally customizable and featured excel gauge which reverts short time manifestation.

How to Create Excel Gauge Templates

Following the tutorial given below here, you can easily create the desired range and domain of your relevant template to write off your available data and quickly adjust its position. Same as Pert chart in excel. Follow the steps below;

  • Take a spreadsheet and from insert portion, select Doughnut chart. For each data point, select format selection and from there, choose fill whether solid or no fill
  • Now click the donut series and change its angle to 270 degrees
  • Now select this chart and right click on it, select Format Chart Area and further select the options of No fill, NO lines. This will result in the form of highlighted segments of each data point and no boundaries around
  • Now click on chart types and select pie chart, right click it and from format selection, change the angle to 270 degrees
  • Now plot this entire series on the secondary axis. But now you can see that this series is nothing more than an empty data point of pie chart with resident values and one value reprinting single point like a needle.
  • You can use spin button to change the position of needle point by changing the value in its cell

Get Excel Add-ins for Gauge Chart

With Gantt chart presentation this would be ideal documentation for your project. If the entire process described above seems difficult to you, you can use excel add-ins particularly developed to add such complicated features to your excel worksheet get rid of lengthy creation process of creating excel gauge chart templates and processing your data.

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