Display Charts in SharePoint 2010 Using Excel Spreadsheet

SharePoint is the common working platform for the centralized information sharing within the organization. Here is quick review for displaying charts in SharePoint using Microsoft excel online spreadsheet. So in this post you can collect some ideas regarding PLUG-IN-PLAY details and using of this managerial tool according to demand.

SharePoint is deliberately designed to ease the communication of information and instructions in the form of work guides, demographics and display charts by using excel spreadsheet throughout the organizational hierarchy and those who required the relevant information can easily pat down through the centrally deployed common platform where everything is open sources for the company employees and internal managers that can be useful for planning and decision making.

Add Informative Plug-ins and Processed Data Using Excel Spreadsheet

By adding this mode of information, it really becomes easier for everyone to interpret and understand the thing in better and convenient way. This all leads to the purposeful communication of information and better understanding of the activities and current standings in the project. Different SharePoint Template for project Management are also in market for ease project scheduling tasks.

You can verily add different demographics, various mode of information and other important things in your SharePoint by using excel spreadsheet. Excel spreadsheets are blocks based computing formulations, depending upon the various deployed formulas.

Display Charts in SharePoint in Excel Spreadsheet

Using these spreadsheets, various calculations and assessments can be achieved; therefore it becomes a better understanding source when you add different charts, bards, graphs, and other important symbols for interpreting the information and better understanding.

It helps in adding a variety of patterns in explaining things and describing the facts and findings. More versatile you want, catchier you can get using these spreadsheets. They have couple of features which are much preferred in SharePoint information centralization. One such important thing is the display of charts and different oriented Gantt charts using this project management tool.

Sharepoint Management

How to add them in SharePoint?

Before we state the proper method about how adding charts and graphs, we would like to focus on an important factor that is the proper and right position of adding charts. Charts are always added after the theoretical explanation of information. This is similar look like dashboard template been use in different project planning or re-scheduling issues. Following is the complete method;

Go to the MIS portal and select the option of shared documents

  • After you select shared documents, click on the Add Document, using this option, share any document with your employees.
  • Now come to the site action panel and select the option of Edit.
  • For the further opening edit panel, select the option of ‘insert’ and then further select ‘web parts’ from here.
  • Select the business data category from further drop-box and ‘chart web parts’ from the web parts option.
  • A default chart web part will appear and for adding your relevant information, click on the button ‘Data Appearance’. Add you relevant information and get it attached in the SharePoint, share this information with you organization using the centralized portal.

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