Different between Primavera P6 PPM vs EPPM

Understanding about EPPM Vs PPM, professional project portfolio, edition 8.2 version of Primavera p6. Major responsibilities lay on the major stake holders in the company. This might sounds like a professional joke but the toughest task in the whole corporate culture in the higher level of decision making rather than the worker front duties which are quite physical and each job is mean to its particular process.

In case of any sort of damage, there holds a per unit loss, but in case of wrong decision making, there will occur defected lot or batch. This is pretty major in its sheerness than any small mistake by a worker.Get p6 Software and reset your activity within entire system.

So taking this logic, we conclude that the whole project is the child like responsibility of the project manager who caters all the associated and non-associated aspects of the project.

What is Primavera p6 PPM SYSTEM?

This system operates only windows based, run on SQL or Oracle Database, it’s easy to customize and version is 7.X.

Primavera p6 software

What is Primavera p6 EPPM

Basically this system suite for mid size to larger organization, compatible for windows client or other app, 8.2 is the most stable version in this series.

Primavera and Project Management

For a project manager, this is very necessary to keep tracking the record and performance of each distinct session and segment of the project which refers to the end purpose use skills and negotiation aptitude that a project managers is strictly required to have, rather than the rigid nature. Primavera p6 is the key software web-based technology operating for enterprises documentation.

Rigidity can sometimes cause serious issues to the company policies for in-case they could be prolonged. Once the demonstrated version of working guideline is out, the whole team including the supervisors and managers along with the project manager is strictly advised to follow the standard working principals. PPM has an ability to handle more than 100,000 activities at a time and stored in data base online for project scheduling.

In EPPM you can edit Gantt chart, pie chart, p6 dashboard spreadsheet like graphs and operating KPI charts for project monitoring and planning. But suggesting these guidelines is the main job of project manager and this is the most difficult task as in case of referring any wrong decision, the whole process could be demolished. Primavera P6 EPPM is the advance work scheduling web based software, I recommend in both small to larger organization.

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