Customer Service Dashboard Excel for Reporting

Apart from the efficient working tools, the simplest and handiest most are the customer service templates which are widely used in mostly organization in term of dashboard for simple account management on e-database surface, tracking progress KPI. These dashboard templatesenhance the financial management and help in quick categorization of values and funds in the right place.  Using these templates, accountants can easily allocate the subjected values to each employee with their specified accounts detail and progress report.

From one end where these templates are very beneficial for quick and precise in working, their simple and understandable format also helps in quick analysis of payment schedule and funds allocation to different customer.

Start Using Customer Dashboard Templates to Save Time

Instead of managing handy cashbooks and manual notes to relate the accounts of salaries, work smart and start using these tools to save time and resources. Download various formats of free open sourced templates and customize them as per your requirement.

Customer Service Dashboard

Image by Chandoo

Actually every business has own requirement depends on project statistics, through this image from Chandoo I will discuss some key items should be displayed in it.

Information Desk Statistics

One of the most important statistics to show in CSD, you can get the whole record through this easily, Bar chart in vertical direction lead you to highest hits vs. total score of each guide.Download Here

Budget Variance

This figure lives you regarding Actual VS Expected expense budget via different color bar, variance in % show in end of column. Interactive chart is also placed for comparing actual vs. targeted performance.

Top Items/Product Gross Revenue

In this chart you can understand about each product monthly or daily base revenue generation. You can also collect data of sales previous three to six months, which further use in other planning.

Bar Chart for Sales Reporting

Another chart is showing monthly sales average report through bar line depends on each month.

So after download customer service dashboard excel template you can also edit these values according to your choice.

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