Creating Interactive Dashboard Using Excel VBA

In order to acquire a rapidest designation in the industry where managing projects is all about the success orientation, project management play a vital role in defining your position for this task. In this post I will discuss how to creating Interactive dashboard using Microsoft Excel software VBA. These tools are purely dedicated to excel your abilities and boast your mental attribute towards better and enhanced planning.

Project management professionals are the certification holders from United States organization of project management. This tool is entirely based on the key factors and point which alleviate the compression and complexities while planning and managing project works whether on small or large scale.

Use Successful Planning with Progressive Mode

Management is based on the skill set learning and experience in the relevant field with diversified phenomenon expenditure tackling different situations with successful planning and strategies. These certifications tell about how to take a progressive mode while managing huge projects which are already based on hundreds of various notable points.

Step for Creating Interactive Dashboard Template

First of all make sure about your company requirements, actually dashboard design according to your product or service requirement. For example customer service dashboard demands some unique charts and quick response.

Its dynamic features solve your each issue and help you regarding tracking data easily.

For any assistance regarding troubleshooting data, write a quick note to Projectmanagerclub.co.uk team.

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Excel VBA Connection through Interactive Dashboard

First save your all data in Micro enable workbook, otherwise you will face the difficulty regarding inserting VBA code and making this dashboard interactive.

These pictures guide you regarding “step by step” for making awesome design.

Click the button “Select Region” and enter pre-define properties by any name “CMB Region” “Combo Box”

Images By analysistabs.com

Now add these code found in image below, make sure any error in coding experience you hard.

Planning Through VBA Dashboard   

In the initial periods of project management, these managers were hired from highly experienced and learned section of work force but these days, based on the observatory mechanism and advance research and predictable planning for coming times, these template just thoroughly train professional managers to monitor and plan better solutions and strategies to take their entire team along.

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