Create Primavera p6 Project Dashboard in Excel

Now in this post I will discuss about Project planning dashboard excel tool for Primavera p6 system. Usually manager doesn’t want to bother in internally or externally affairs and waste time of reviewing long documentation. It is business intelligence software promotes enterprise intelligence and helps in sustaining the development of enterprise activities on schedule. It also manages other tools such as the cost management, data management and other aspects associated with the construction project.

First of all make sure this one best scheduling software of your projects; you can’t use this system as a reporting tunnel. The software packages are much significant in promoting the managerial aspects of the corporations and this software also offer solutions for the problems evolved in the PM phases. Understand about software and latest release of primavera p6.

Understanding about the Software and Primavera P6 System

It is noticeable that it has developed innovative products which not only consider the PM activities in general, but also promote the different varieties of project management.

The Portfolio management, Construction management, Cost Management, Database access and various other activities are being monitored by the software and technological tools developed by this. This characteristic has given prime importance and significance to Primavera.


Main Purpose and Project Management

It has the main purpose to develop products or tools which would help the companies to efficiently control and manage their project management activities. Whether how much complex, It has the adaptability to discover the solutions of the problems involved in the it and offers practical techniques to fix them as well.

Excel Project Planning Dashboard Using Primavera p6

I recently arrange a post excel portfolio dashboard templates. Here in this image you can see the WBS add in first column, than level and find column for getting output, Find the previous and level description column explain the particular project statistics in detail. For more detail about it take a look another post of it.

With this aim and function, it has gained much focus by the project managers of different companies, therefore many companies are using the tools to better formulate the plans as well as the implementation of the plans. Training In U.K of Primavera p6 already schedule 2014, let’s take a look.

Recently, it has developed a new product with version 8.3 of Primavera P6 and is also working to develop innovative products for the future as well. You can easily arrange excel dashboard using this system at more ease way.

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