Convert Excel File in to XLS, XLSX, XLSM format with or without Micro option

There are multiple file formats in Excel spreadsheet record making. These formats differ in security beam, proximity and compatibility purposes in different other applications.  In this post I will make sure you about converting excel file into XLS, XLSX and XLSM format with the help of Micro option or without Micro Option. From the entire Office suit, XLS is the prime format devised for Microsoft Excel and is extended as excel spreadsheet. This is the proprietary format which Microsoft uses for storing excel files in to the directories.

Microsoft Office Customized Features

Apart to this preliminary format, there is another open file format for XML which was made standard announcement into MS Office 2007 after a forced push from business users who have the heights privilege for the customization of Office features. This XLSX format set for open XML files is an extension to open the files for transferring business data into other applications.

Behind these two initially stated formats; XLSM is a macro embedded Excel spreadsheet extension used for running the files which are embedded with worksheets of cells along with featured Visual basic for application codes to run different functions. XLSM file extensions are specified for macro-embedded files and can’t work well with any other file type of Excel spreadsheet.

How To Export Outlook Task to Excel Using VBA
How to Inter-Convert XLS, XLSX, XLSM File Formats?

Apparently there are certain work flows where converting file formats is mandatory. Similarly seeking to this prime requirement, there are easy and compatible working modes too which helps in easy format shifting and run time properties changing of the diligent files prepared in any specific mode. This is the tutorial specific to excel spreadsheet formats and here in the description below, we have a keen review on the principal techniques and requirements for converting file formats like XLS, XLSX, XLSM into each other and desired ones.

Excel Files to XLS

Remember that one major thing is the implementation of macro of VBA on any concept. This leniently helps you to identify the right method for the particular format conversion.

Convert Keeping Enabled Macro in View

There are different methods to do this task. Apparently you can convert these files by readily available free convertors and software applications which help in easy conversions. Rest are the manual methods which you can adopt and meet your requirements. Below here is an easy method to convert macro enabled XLSM files into simpler XLS format;

  • Select the convert file action from tools
  • Select the file input path and specify the format you want to convert it
  • Now specify the original file format and attaché.xlsm extension with the file or entire folder you want to convert
  • Click the convert button on the tool bar to finally complete the action.

This process is not as simple as mentioned here infect the detailed formulae and other necessary steps can be reviewed form internet for further guide line.

Benefits of Converting Excel Files

Benefits of inter-conversion with various formats of excel spreadsheets help in detaining various processes and opening of files into different application as per requirements. Some spreadsheets are for alteration purposes and some are not. This reason clearly states the benefits of converting excel files into xls, xlsx, xlsm formats.

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