Computer Repair Quotation Template Excel

For the all repairing services providers of IT hardware, computer repair quotation is a very common and necessary form of document required for every second customer. There are readily structured Excel quotations templates available to assist the cashier or billing person in easily adapting all the relevant details on a structured note with all standard parameters present on it.

These templates are easily customizable in any variant order. Using these templates, you don’t have to write each bill individually.

 Format of Computer Repair Quotation

There is no specific format devised for quotation as any service provider can use draw his very own layout based upon the mechanism of his services and type of services he is providing. Also the content of quotation may vary in each case therefore rather than imposing a fixed format, the presence of some generic and standard elements is necessary which helps both parties interpreting the details and let them take an idea about the cost and durability of services.


Checklist of Repairing Service with Facts Figure

Here we have listed a couple of such factors which are important regarding the general format of this quotation note;

  • Write the name of your repairing services on the main title position
  • Write the name of customer and his contact details on the top left end
  • Write the name of device and it’s model number present for repair
  • List down all the issues and faults detected or apparently existing
  • Also list down the quotation of parts and services and write individual cost for everything
  • Do mention the terms and conditions about services and life of products and also mention the note of warrantee or guarantee
  • Lastly the sections of signature and stamp that ensures the authenticity of quotation from genuine source.

After reviewing this template you can manage and edit own template without any other tool of project management. You can also manage financial equation through this software without any technical knowledge.

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