Cash Receipt Template in Excel and Word

Looking for Cash receipt form or templates in Microsoft “excel or word” format for Bank? Here you can download various template in variety of style and deposit slip. You can use this slip for small business unit i.e (Banks, General, Commercial). These form of designs being use by various major companies for managing their accounts detail in more specific way.

U.K and Indian Bank Cash Deposit Slip

It’s list in project management category with excel templates. Not PM but other manager also knows the importance of this tool.

It’s very important and in-demand receipt for “project management” especially in production and sales purchase department. In major companies where data collection is the biggest problem, this form of tool can help you a lot. It’s also list in accounting templates, if your are searching with another name. Either you being use stocktake spreadsheet templates or other business tool you must need this for managing payment figure.

Cash Receipt Template Excel Format

Mostly accountant manager use these for marinating business payment records, transaction exchange in term of money either locally or internationally.

General Feature and Format

These are general feature mentione, so make sure you don’t forget these importance one. Although some have many other additional features depend on your company requirement and rules.

  • Company Name: On header section display company name and tag line
  • Time and Date:
  • In body section you saw these common lines like;
  • Received From …………………………………………. $…………….Dollars………………For……………………………
  • Amount of Account
  • This payment
  • Balance Due
  • By………………


What are the prominence of Receipt and Payment Account?

Step 1

First of all, It is a summarize form of total cash book with its detail entries

Step 2

Total cash receipts against the paid amounts of business are debit while the payments incur-re to stock in business account are place on the credited.

Step 3

No matter what is the nature of receipt, whether it is a capital expense or revenue generate through business, it is recorde in the same account

Step 4

No any transaction which occurs through bank, is involve in this accounts, only handily transferr cash is record in this account

Step 5

For the whole financial year, this account is prepare on the last day of fiscal year

Example of Cash Receipt Excel or Word Template

Here is upload some different format template, simple to professional, official to different businesses, so get it and review it before download.

Bank Receipt Bank Receipt Example:- Click the image for reviewing Bank category format. This format is been using in wold biggest Bank, so make sure some things in it like color, logo for using it as it is.
Official Receipt Official Receipt Template Example:- This is official example relates to Blue theme orient. if you like it than comment us for encouraging our team to upload more template like that.
Acknowledgement Template Printable Acknowledgement Receipt Example:- Check out another receipt example, this is printable base template. You just need to edit it your company detail like description, logo and other official detail.

Advantages of Receipt and Payment Account

1- By placing all the bank receipts and payments can be analyz through on single consultancy on this account. It provides the summarize view total net value of these handy transactions

2- Net worth of cash at hand and cash paid during the financial year can sort out from this account

3- How precise is your cash book, the only accurate monitoring tool is the receipt and payment account.

These are use in banking statement management and other accountancy tasks, like payment management. Employee’s weekly and monthly bonus and other extra activity expenditure. Although mostly companies use one format and add their logo and branding over it but it’s all up to you.

Hence some companies use Cash Receipt Template excel different for one department and different for another. I already mention Download Link above; you can easily download in Docx Format.

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