Car Invoice Template Excel

The total amount paid by the car buyer to the car seller is summed in a Car Invoice. A receipt is used for recording the transaction details when a car is bought. The transaction record serves as an invoice of car purchase. Generally, the amount suggested by the producer or seller of the car is mentioned on the invoice as the price of car.

Car Deposit Slip Template

However, it is not necessary that the car is bought by a buyer on that suggested price as the buyer can avail the discount too. The amount of discount is subtracted from the list price and the remaining amount is what paid by the buyer for purchasing the car. Other details like the license, registration, tax, etc. are not mentioned in the invoice.

Importance of Car Invoice Template

Invoices have a lot of importance in business dealings because they serve as a valid proof of purchase history of a product bought by a consumer. It promotes the trust relationship between the buyer and seller. Therefore, for the purchase of cars, the car deposit receipts are kept as a valid record of purchase of car from the auto seller.


Most of the auto sellers offer guarantees for their autos to a certain period or date; if some malfunction appears in the auto before the guaranteed time, the consumer can make a valid complain to the guarantor (car seller) for the malfunction found.

As a consequence of complain, the car seller is legally bound to remove the malfunction of the auto without charging any additional expense to the consumer. Therefore, the consumers are requested by the car dealers to keep the invoice copy safe with them so that any complaints made by them could be accepted and facilitated well.

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